Our goal is to deliver high-quality steel flanges and other metal elements used for piping system,


 as well as other types of infrastructure. We also provide metal processing services — both conventional and CNC, using plasma and gas cutting machinery. We strive to expand our operation by means of refined solutions, advanced technology and logistic
optimisation, while at the same time maintaining high standards of production and cooperation. We also deliver custom
solutions, based on the documents and blueprints provided by the client.

Cooperation - stainless steel flanges and custom metal elements

We aim to develop long-lasting business cooperation with international clients and enter new European markets. Our
production facilities are based in Poland — a convenient location in the central part of Europe proves to be beneficial in
terms of transport and logistics. Over the years, we have completed countless projects with international clients,
cooperating with companies from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Finland or Norway.


Our headquarters, as well as all the manufacturing and processing sites, are located in Poland — this allows us to
implement rigorous quality-control measures, in order to comply with both domestic and European norms and regulations.
We excel at timeliness, production technology and individual approach to every single project. Our ultimate goal is to build
stable and long-lasting cooperation based on diligence, fairness and mutual trust. Feel free to contact our office for more