Manufacturer of steel flanges for pipeline joints and steel structures

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About company

The company’s history dates back to the 1950s, when the then Rypin Shipbuilding Plant was part of the United Shipbuilding Industry. There was no ship built by Polish shipyards that did not have equipment produced by the crew of the plant.

After transformation, as Poland became more integrated into global supply chains, RZM Ltd. was established in 2002 to continue the production of steel flanges and metal components.
The company employs 30 specialists in the production of steel elements.
85% of the plant’s production goes to foreign customers.
Flanges produced at the plant are part of the most modern vehicles in the world, connect pipeline systems of nuclear power plants in Europe and other industrial plants around the world.

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About company
<p>Over <strong>70 years of history</strong> of the company</p>

Over 70 years of history of the company

<p><strong>Precision and individual approach</strong> to customer orders</p>

Precision and individual approach to customer orders

<p><strong>Innovation and quality</strong> make us a reliable partner</p>

Innovation and quality make us a reliable partner


<p>Offer</br><strong>for industry</strong></p>

for industry

<p><strong>Steel craftsmanship</strong></br>offer</p>

Steel craftsmanship

Quality and years of experience.

We welcome inquiries for flanges and other steel components. If you do not have your own drawing, our consultants and technicians will help you prepare the component you need.



70 years of steel flange production ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION

70 years of steel flange production ANNIVERSARY EXHIBITION

Historically, our company was an exemplary model of a large industrial enterprise in communist Poland. We invite you to visit the exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of RZM LTD. The intangible heritage of the plant is still alive, and the initiatives created at that time are still maintained by . . .

Quality confirmed by certificates

The Company has an ISO 9001-:2015 quality management system and is authorized to manufacture materials for pressure equipment in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU. The quality management system is aimed at meeting the high technical requirements of our customers.

The process is subject to detailed control at each stage of production.

Quality confirmed by certificates