Offer for industry

Offer for industry

Elements manufactured by RZM LTD. are used in the construction, shipbuilding, automotive, chemical industries and wherever steel flanges and steel elements find their application.

The main products are flanges for pipe connections made of carbon steel (S235JR, S355J2, P265GH, P355NH/NL1) and acid-resistant steel (1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4301/07), manufactured according to Polish and international standards (DIN, ANSI, SFS, NS, JIS). We also deal with welding of light metals and steel structures.

Our equipment park has, among others, Hass CNC machining centers or MPC DAVI bending machines. Our qualified staff offers assistance in the creation of technical drawings and offers manufacture of custom made and complex components on individual orders. In 2023, our company is planning to expand its offerings to welding and assembling of light steel structures.

Range of services offered:
• CNC machining: phrasing, cutting, turning, drilling
• plasma-gas cutting
• rolling of profiles
• bending angle bars, T-bars, channel bars, I-beams
• welding of steel structures

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Steel craftsmanship offer

In addition to the realization of specialized steel flanges and metal components, the plant offers support to architects, designers and individual customers in the production of items made of steel. Employees support customers in the development of projects and their implementation. The plant’s output includes items that are part of exhibition displays or everyday objects with steel as a key material and metal cut elements – dumbbells for weight training, furniture for urban spaces, steel structures for exhibitions and others. Each project is characterized by original design and innovation in terms of aesthetics and functionality. In the implementation of these projects, in addition to modern technology, we use conventional machinery and artistic craftsmanship.

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Steel craftsmanship offer
Quality and years of experience.

We welcome inquiries for flanges and other steel components. If you do not have your own drawing, our consultants and technicians will help you prepare the component you need.