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Gas cutting and machining

When designing and building a pipeline it is crucial not only to make sure that the pipes will be able to withstand high pressure and usage. Pipe couplings are usually the weakest link of the whole system and may consequently cause unnecessary faults in machinery and leakages, which eventually may turn out to be more than dangerous. To prevent this, it is important to choose the correct steel flange that will make the water (or any other substance, such as gas) flow without any interruption . Steel flanges are used also to seal and secure gas filtering ventilation systems, especially those that are susceptible to strong wind blows.


We mainly produce flanges for pipeline connections made of steel plates (S235JR, S355J2, P265GH) and acid-proof steel, which in turn are all produced according to Polish and international standards. This ensures their proper longevity and resistance to unfavourable weather conditions (or increased humidity characteristic for underground systems). Moreover, a high quality and well-fitted flange will significantly decrease the necessary workload as it does not require any additional soldering or threading. Our steel products are also electroplated or oiled to offer necessary protection against corrosion – the choice of the applied method is entirely up to the customer. If necessary, we cut the elements according to the client’s request. We employ traditional machines as well as CNC equipment to achieve high precision and level of control during the whole production process.


Our products can be used in various industries, such as:

  • construction,
  • shipbuilding machinery,
  • power and water conditioning,
  • food industry,
  • chemical and petrochemical machinery,
  • automotive.


We also provide steel flanges and cut-to-measure custom elements produced according to specifications provided by our customers. Our cutting methods focus on using gas or plasma:


  • plasma cutting – as opposed to gas cutting, this service is more time-efficient and significantly reduces the material loss occurring during the process,
  • machining – thanks to the use of CNC machines, all of our final products retain uniform size and measure. Moreover, the whole machining process is mostly automatic and requires thus minimum maintenance once the parameters have been set,
  • gas cutting – a flammable gas is heated and then used to cut through even very thick pieces of metal. Among substances typically used are acetylene and LP gas,
  • ring rolling.


Apart from our large variety of steel flat flanges we are also fully equipped to provide you with the following types of flanges, coming in different shapes:


  • Welding neck type 11 EN 1092-1:2001 (PN6-PN100)
  • Socket Slip-on for welding type 12 EN 1092-1:2001 (PN6-PN100)
  • Threaded socket type 13 EN 1092-1:2001 (PN6-PN100)
  • Neck type according to DIN 2631-DIN 2635 (PN6-PN40)
  • Threaded neck type according to DIN 2566, PN10/PN16
  • Neck type to ANSI B16.5 kl. 150lbs (PN20, PN50, PN110)


We kindly ask that all inquiries about products be submitted together with the indispensable technical documentation. When submitting, please do not forget to indicate the following:

  • product ordered and the norm according to which it is produced,
  • size and diameter,
  • quantity,
  • required completion date,
  • additional requirements not specified in the norm cited.

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